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Illustrasjon av ansatte hos ZData

About ZData

ZData AS was established in 1990 and have been specializing in developing all types of electronic banking solutions for businesses. The company’s business idea is to increase the return on cash flow by streamlining companies’ payment and payout routines and giving companies complete overview of their own liquidity and cash flow.

Did you know that?

Starting from 2018 all the banks should open their banking systems following EU-directive PSD2. For you as a customer this provides quite new opportunities through use of ZData next generation reconcilliation and payment solutions.

ZData AS specializes on data transformation and the program is developed for payment and payout to banks in whole Scandinavia, as well as many banks in Europe.

Leading solutions

Our solutions are developed through close cooperation with our customers and up-to-date knowledge of banking solutions. This experience makes our solutions leading on the market, both in terms of their functionality and user-friendliness.

ZData AS has more than 5000 companies as customers, ranging from small companies to international corporations.

The saying “Rome wasn’t build in one day” can be used also for the software offering electronic banking solutions, something that makes ZData a natural and secure choice.