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ZData Pay

ZData Pay (previous name ConvertX) simplifies electronic processes between an accounting system and a bank. Whether you need help with setting up your accounting system to automatically send/receive data from a bank or limit manual procedures for corporate money transfer, ZData Pay is the solution that can help you with this. With over 5000 small and large users distributed around Scandinavia, ZData Pay is a sure choice for integrating your payment solutions with banks.

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ZData Receive

Complete solution which reconciles all your payments, both card and invoice payments, against open posts in the ledger and automatically creates a suggestion for a bookkeeping entry. It frees time for control and analysis of the accounting results instead of using it for manual routines.

ZData Open Banking Platform

ZData offers today a complete banking-API against most banks in Scandinavia. This shapes completely new business opportunities both for banks, ERP-systems and other actors, who can build good solutions on top og ZData API.

ZData Pay

ZData Pay is a complete solution for corporate money transfer, invoicing, convertion of files from one format to another, aggregation/split and handling of all types of payments. The only solution on the market that can transfer payments between all accounting systems and your bank automatically.

ZData Control

User-friendly solution for automatic reconciliation of all types of accounts and data. The solution supports all accounting systems and is integrated with your bank connection. Differences and expenses can be booked directly back to the accounts. With this solution you save time and costs and will always have control.